When the time is of essence:

When you run a business, there is always a need of urgent money sometimes.. an urgent tender to be filled, a good deal with discount at offer if paid in cash, good raw material available at cost efficient price. This is the time when we dont have ample time to go through the complete process and arrange for a LAP. This is the situation which best prescribes to Business Loan. Money can be in your account in 3-5 working days !!

QuantumProfitas helps you simplify your search for a Business Loan. We can analyse your financials and identify the best business loans fitting your requirement. Our team of vintage bankers can identify your need on parameters of amount required and time on hand, the two crucial aspects in Business Loans. And thus filter down to the best available amongst Banks and NBFC.

    When is a Business Loan ideal for you…
  • Urgent need of money with very less time on hand…say less than a week.
  • Urgent short term capital gap to be filled.
  • Govt Tender to be applied for.
  • Good Raw material available at significant discount if paid within few days.
  • Matching property not available to mortgage.
  • Not much time available to go through tough process of getting the property legally and technically cleared.
  • If last year has not been that good for business, we can look at BL based on earlier loan track record, liquid income programme, bank balance and other such schemes available.