Building a New India :

As a Real Estate Developer, you are playing a significant role in building a New India. Let us contribute our part by arranging Construction Finance for you. It’s a very detailed oriented loan where the cash flows need to be structured as per the construction stage and sales of a Residential/ Commercial Projects. As there are a lot of technicalities involved, starting from Land Purchase price, construction cost, stage of construction etc., a proper cash flow has to be prepared keeping in mind the cost involved and sales at various stages of construction.

Relax !!! Leave all these hassles and stress work to us…!!Focus on your projects and dreams to be fulfilled for your buyers(PM too) by giving them new dream homes. Let us do the other part…

    Why QuantumProfitas
  • We will analyse your complete project based on each and every legal, technical and financial aspect.
  • Our expert team of Charetered Accountants, with specific experience of Construction Finance of more than 500 Crores, will sit with you to analyse the whole project, from its inception to its completion, requirements.
  • As per your comfort, we will identify the bank or NBFC which will be best suited for you, and prepare your Project File accordingly.
  • A detailed Cash Flow will be prepared in consultation with your Accounts and Sales team.
  • We will propose a Repayment Structure in such a way that it always gives you a comfortable tenure, after considering all contingencies.
  • We will be there with you from end to end. From beginning of negotiations, first disbursement, further part disbursements until we hand you back your Sales Deed.
  • Beyond this, we will always be eager to help your home buyers in procuring their home loans. An expert team will be at your disposal to hand hold them through the tough process of getting Home Loan.
  • How are we different from others? Due to our extensive work in this field, we have a continuous updated database of clients who are looking out for their new homes or investing in this fast growing market. We would accquaint ourselves to you by guiding the cliental to your projects as per their Budget and Locality preference.
  • Together, when we provide this one stop all solutions window to the client, he will make up his mind immediately!!