Unlock the potential of Properties owned by you….

Loan Against Property or Mortgage loan is the lowest Interest Rate Loan available to procure funds for business purpose. For all your capital expenses, to expand your business, meeting long term borrowing and revenue gap… LAP is the best option. If you have a property available for mortgage, be it Residential, Commercial, Industrial , Land, etc. we can assist you in getting the best value loan, along with minimal rates. As this loan is for long term, it helps you in making long term financial planning keeping the monthly out flow to the lowest.

    Loan against Property can be taken for the following purposes:
  • For starting or expanding a business along with a long-term working capital.
  • For procurement of raw material and plant machinery.
  • For covering Log Term Working Capital gap.
  • To invest in a Commercial Property
  • For some urgency at home.

    Why QuantumProfitas
  • True Valuation of your property through extensive network of brokers and evaluators. This helps us in getting the optimum value for your property, thus increasing the loan amount.
  • Provide Legal Solutions, from the view of sourcing LAP through various Banks and NBFCs.
  • Thorough understanding of policies of all banks and financial institutions, so that we can match your financials, property and profile and get you the optimum Loan Amount at a fair rate of interest.
  • We can get you LAP against 1. Residential Property 2. Commercial Property 3. Industrial Property 4. Weekend Home and Farm house 5. N.A. Land 6. Gram Panchayat Property.
  • Thus providing all Legal, Technical and Financial Solutions under one roof.